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01.03.2023, 19:30


"Ali Mahlodji is preparing the next generations for jobs that don't exist yet.", Financial Times

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In a world marked by uncertainties and battered by setbacks, we need rays of hope that make us believe again in what has always characterized us. Namely, that we are beings who have always moved forward and grown with each crisis. The future is better than its reputation if we learn to remember what makes us tick and where our opportunities lie.

Ali Mahlodji knows how. Once a failure in the system, he is now an inspiration and motivation for all people who want to take their future into their own hands. The native Persian combines Viennese "Schmäh" with Real Talk and contagious optimism and shows how a successful life becomes possible for all of us. A moving, funny and touching program about the power of the inner voice, the strength of our environment and the journey to ourselves, where we realize how great we really are.

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An evening for people who want to think positively about the future. Regardless of whether they are young or rich in years. Whether employed, entrepreneurial, in a leadership role, retired or still in training or simply on sabbatical. The future needs all of you!

Contingent of free tickets

We will provide 10% of the total number of seats free of charge for the following cases:

You can't afford it:
I haven't had any money for half of my life and I know exactly how that feels. If you honestly(!) can't afford a ticket to my programme, drop a mail to and be our guests. Please don't feel guilty!

You work in the field of care:
You are doing a great job! A contingent of free guest tickets is available for you. Please send us an email with a scan (mobile phone photo is enough) of a proof to and be our guests. We look forward to seeing you!


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"I believe strongly that every human being has everything it takes within them and that no human being is a flaw in the system."
Ali Mahlodji

"The philosopher of the working world", Ö1

"Mahlodji was the highlight of the events", Forbes

"Austria's greatest motivator", Innovator Magazin


THE FUTURE IS NOW takes place at STADTSAAL,  Mariahilfer Straße 81, 1060 Vienna.

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